Threat to [Item]

In the Risk Assessment Toolkit, we distinguish between a generic Threat (which is not associated with any particular activity, resource or location) and a specific Threat to [Item], which is a specific, relevant, threat associated with a location, activity or resource.

For example, we distinguish between the Threat of Fire (as a concept), and the Threat of Fire at Head Office.

In general the sequence is to create the generic threat, then to associate it with any locations, activities, or resources it threatens using the Add Threat link. This creates a Threat to [Item], where [Item] is the name of the location, activity or resource the threat is associated with.

Threat to [Item] Report Contents

Not all these sections will appear in every report.

Section Description
DescriptionA short description of the specific threat.
Threat AttributesThe expected frequency with which the threat to this item will occur, the expected duration of a threat and, if the duration is limited, whether relocation to an alternative location is still a viable response.
Risk StrategyA textual description for the strategy that is currently adopted for this threat. See Risk Strategy for more information.
TimelinesA set of disruption timelines showing what can be expected to happen if the threat occurs.
NotesA section intended for additional notes on such topics as how any data was gathered and what assumptions were made.

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