Tools for Business Continuity Planning

Planning Tools

Risk Assessment Toolkit

The Risk Assessment Toolkit makes it easy to develop a Risk Assessment and Business Impact Analysis for your organization.

With The Risk Assessment Toolkit you can:

  • Easily enter your organization's structure, activities / processes, and resources.
  • Pick from a checklist of threats (or add your own) and identify the effect of these on activities and resources.
  • Specify and calculate key metrics such as Recovery Time Objectives.
  • Check information for completeness and consistency.

We also provide advice and consulting to help you meet your objectives. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Plan424 Mobile Business Continuity

If you've already developed your business continuity plan you know the problem.

Nobody pays enough attention to your plan until it's too late.

Plan424 solves that problem. It keeps an updated business continuity plan where it's most accessible — on everybody's mobile phone. With easy-to-read team plans developed ground-up for mobile use, it's easy and straightforward to adapt to meet your needs.

We can also help you create and implement your mobile business continuity / disaster recovery plans. Contact us to arrange an initial teleconference to discuss your requirements.


BCP Value Calculator Just how much is a business continuity plan or program worth?
This calculator that even a small reduction in your company's risks can have a major effect.