Disruption Timeline

A Disruption Timeline show the expected sequence of events and associated costs according to the dependencies, consequences and time an money estimates you have entered.

One or more timelines may be shown, showing what will happen if:

Timeline Contents

Section Description
Time DelayThe time after the initial incident when the event is expected to occur.
EventA description of the event.
Immediate CostHow much will be lost at this point in time as a consequence of this event.
Cost/HourHow much is now being lost per hour as a consequence of all the events in the timeline. Note that if the value in the final row is not zero, it indicates that not all activities or resources were recovered by the end of the timeline.
Cumulative CostThe total amount lost to date as a result of the disruption. Note that if the cost/hour is not zero in the final row, then the value in the final row is not the total cost of the disruption.


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