Consulting Packages

We offer three fixed price consulting packages:

How We Achieve More for Less

We normally work on these packages remotely as it reduces costs, using a combination of questionnaires, telephone calls, video calls, and emails to gather information.

Obviously there's a difference in the amount of effort required between preparing or reviewing a plan for a major bank and a plan for a small dentist's office so we can't include a price list here. Tell us more about yourself, and ask us to provide a fixed price quotation for a consulting package.

Custom Consulting

We also provide remote custom consulting: we can be at the end of a telephone (or Zoom call) to provide advice and assistance to you when you need it as you develop and test your plans. If you are unsure of direction, stuck, need an external viewpoint, or need somebody to "pull it all together" we can help. Please talk to us and find out if we are a good fit for your needs.