Consequences are adverse events which may happen if an activity or resource is unavailable for a period of time.

Example consequences include abstract notions (such as Loss of Customer Goodwill) as well as more concrete notions (such as Regulatory Penalty for Late Filing. In all cases consequences have an estimated cost.

You create a consequence by right-clicking either on a Consequence Category (e.g. All Consequences).

Once you have created a consequence, you can associate it with multiple activities or resources by dragging and dropping, or clicking on the Add Consequence link when viewing the activity or resource.

Note that it is assumed that a consequence can only happen once during an incident: you can lose customer confidence or pay a regulatory penalty once following a disruption, but not twice.

Consequence Report Contents

Not all these sections will appear in every report.

Section Description
DescriptionA short description of the activity.
Consequence CategoriesThe set of consequence categories to which this consequence belongs.
CostThe estimated financial impact of the consequence, if it occurs.
Possible CausesA table of activities and resources which may, if disrupted, cause this consequence to occur.
NotesA section intended for additional notes on such topics as how any data was gathered and what assumptions were made.

Possible Causes Table

Heading Description
Disrupted ItemThe name of the activity or resource whose disruption will cause this consequence.
TypeEither activity or resource.
Impact DelayHow long the activity or resource must be disrupted for the consequence to occur.
Item DescriptionThe description associated with the item.

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