Risk Register Report

The Risk Register gives you an immediate view of what the threats are, which are most frequent and most expensive. This gives you the information you need to prioritize actions taken to mitigate threats, as well as to decide what appropriate budgets might be. Only the threats for which an organization unit is responsible (directly or indirectly) are shown.

By selecting a different report variation on the left hand side, you can choose whether the report should be organized by threat frequency, estimated annual cost, threat name, or name of the item (activity, resource or location) directly affected by the threat.

Table Headings

Heading Description
ThreatThe name of a threat, along with its duration (if it has a limited duration).
Threatened ItemThe Activity, Resource or Location which is directly affected by the Threat.
Annual Rate of OccurrenceThe number of times this threat is expected to occur in a single year.
Estimated Disruption CostThe estimated loss if/when this threat occurs. This includes any dependent activities that would be affected.
Annualized Loss Expectancy (ALE)The estimated loss in a single year, obtained by multiplying the Annualized Rate of Occurrence by the Estimated Disruption Cost.
ResponsibilityThe Organization Unit responsible for the Activity, Resource or Location and thus responsible for controlling this risk.
DescriptionA short description of the threat.
Risk StrategyA short description of the strategy that the organization is currently adopting to handle this threat.


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