Recovery Time Objectives Report

The Recovery Time Objective (or RTO) is the maximum time that the organization is prepared to allow an activity or resource to be unavailable following an incident. (Note that the activity or resource is not necessarily planned to be fully operational after this time, but it is intended that the activity or resource has been restored to some minimum service level.

The Recovery Time Objectives Report shows the recovery time objectives associated with the activities and resources for which an organization unit is directly or indirectly responsible. This report is helpful when spotting inconsistencies and missing information.

The report is also helpful when prioritizing responses, as it lists activities and resources by increasing recovery time objective.

Table Headings

Heading Description
NameThe name of the activity or resource.
TypeEither activity or resource.
Recovery Time Objective (RPO)The time by which the activity or resource should be restored to a minimum service level following an incident.
Minimum RTOThe minimum RTO implied by activities or resources which depend on this.
Maximum RTOThe maximum RTO implied by activities or resources which this depends on.
LocationWhere the activity or resource is located.
ResponsibilityThe organization unit responsible for the activity or resource.
DescriptionA short description of the consequence.


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