Recovery Point Objectives Report

The Recovery Point Objective (or RPO) is the an expression (in terms of time) of how much recent data about operations an organization is prepared to lose during an incident. For example, if you backup data from your computer every 24 hours, this implies that you are prepared to lose 24 hours worth of data if a fire destroys your computer.

The Recovery Point Objectives Report shows the recovery point objectives associated with the activities and resources for which an organization unit is directly or indirectly responsible. This report is helpful when spotting inconsistencies between the data backup strategies for various activities.

Table Headings

Heading Description
NameThe name of the activity or resource.
TypeEither activity or resource.
Recovery Point Objective (RPO)The maximum amount of data we are prepared to lose in the event of an incident.
Minimum RPOThe minimum RPO implied by activities which depend on this.
Maximum RPOThe maximum RPO implied by activities which this depends on.
LocationWhere the activity or resource is located.
ResponsibilityThe organization unit responsible for the activity or resource.
DescriptionA short description of the consequence.


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