Resources Report

This report lists all the resources for which an organizational unit is directly or indirectly responsible.

An organization unit is indirectly responsible for a resource if it is the responsibility of a subordinate organization unit. e.g. A company is indirectly responsible for all its computers, but a particular server might be the responsibility of the IT department.

Table Headings

Heading Description
ResourceThe name of the resource.
Recovery Time Objective (RTO)The Recovery Time Objective (RTO) assigned to this activity.
Recovery Point Objective (RPO)The Recovery Point Objective (RPO) for any data associated with this activity.
Replacement CostHow much it would cost to replace the resource.
LocationThe location associated with this activity. If this location is disrupted, then it is assumed the activity will be disrupted.
CategoryThe category associated with this activity (shown in the tree view on the left hand side).
DescriptionA short description of the resource.


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