Importing Data

Information about Activities and Resources can be imported from Microsoft Excel or other programs which support the XML Spreadsheet clipboard format.

To import data:

  1. Select the data you wish to import in Microsoft Excel, and use the Edit / Copy menu item to copy the data to the clipboard.
  2. In the Risk Assessment Toolkit, select from the Tools menu, select either Import Activities from Clipboard or Import Resources from Clipboard.
  3. In the following dialog box, select the column headings to match the input data. Also check Ignore first row as it is a header if appropriate.
  4. If you wish to update exsiting data, check Update existing entries if they have the same name. The default is that all rows are considered to be new resources or activities that should be added to your analysis. (Using this option allows you to update previously imported data with new values.)
  5. Click OK to import the data.


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