Currency Conversion Rates Report

If your organization uses multiple currencies, or does not use currency implied by the regional settings of your computer, you can use this page to set the default currency as well as conversion rates to use when converting currencies.

Reporting Currency

This is the currency that will be used in all reports and summaries. The default is taken from the regional settings of the computer used to create the analysis. Click on the Edit link to change the reporting currency.

The Reporting Currency applies to all reports and organization units, and sets the default currency for data entry.

Conversion Rates

The Risk Assessment Toolkit will try its best to convert from any currency into any other currency using intermediate currencies if required. However, if you are not using a single currency, we recommend that you add conversion rates from all the currencies you are using into your reporting currency.

Note that currency amounts are always stored in the currency in which they were entered. This means that if there is a significant change in the currency conversion rate, the conversion rate can be changed here without having to alter existing cost estimates.

The Conversion Rates apply to all reports and organization units.

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