Business Impact Analysis Report

The Business Impact Analysis or BIA is a formal document which summarizes the consequences of any activity, resource, or location being disrupted.

By allowing us to compare the effects of disruptions, the BIA allows us to determine which activities, resources, and locations are most critical to the organization's operations, and to prioritize the allocation of resources to the most critical activities when a disruption occurs.

For the purpose of determining the cost of a disruption, it is assumed that every activity affected will be recovered by its Recovery Time Objective. If no value is specified, then the cost cannot be computed.

Table Headings

Heading Description
Activity, Resource, LocationThe name of the activity, resource, or location.
RTOThe Recovery Time Objective assigned to this activity or resource.
Direct CostThe direct cost of a disruption to this activity or resource.
Relocation Set-up CostThe cost involved in moving this activity to an alternate location.
Relocation Daily CostThe additional cost involved in performing this activity at an alternative location.
Replacement CostThe cost of replacing a resource.
Estimated CostThe total cost of a disruption (assuming this activity is recovered at its Recovery Time Objective) - see note below.
Affected Activities, Resources, ConsequencesThe dependent activities and resources which will be affected by this being disrupted, as well as any consequences that might occur..
ResponsibilityThe Organization Unit responsible for the Activity, Resource or Location and thus responsible for controlling this risk.


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