Activity Category

Activity Categories provide a useful method to group activities together by similarity rather than by organization structure or location so that they can be easily compared. It is also possible to force all activities within a category to consider the applicability of a particular type of threat.

If an activity has not been assigned a category, it will automatically be assigned to the special All Activities category. It is not possible to require threats to be considered by all activities within this special category.

You can create additional categories by right-clicking on the All Activities category. You can assign an activity to a particular category by dragging an dropping it.

An activity can be placed in more than one category by holding down the CTRL key when dragging and dropping it.

Activity Category Report Contents

Note that some of these sections will be omitted if they are not relevant.

Section Description
DescriptionA short description of the organization unit.
Parent Activity CategoryAny activity category of which this category forms part.
Activities in this CategoryA list of activities in this category with selected information about them. Click on an activity name for detailed information about that activity.
Sub-CategoriesA list of any sub-categories defined for this category.
Threats to Consider/td>A list of threats which must be considered for any activity which belongs to this category.
NotesA section intended for additional notes on such topics as how any data was gathered and what assumptions were made.

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