You did have a plan, didn't you?

It isn't every day that a volcano grounds a large part of European air traffic. But you should have had a plan. Here's why.

So it was unprecedented. Never before has air traffic over much of Northern Europe been shut down due to a plume of volcanic ash from the eruption of a Volcano in Iceland.

But if it affects your company, that doesn’t let you off the hook if you were ill-prepared…


Because although a disruption due to volcanic dust may be unprecedented, this isn’t that far removed from what has happened in the past.

Think of what happened on 9 September 2001.

All non-emergency air travel was shut down in North America in the aftermath of terrorist attacks. Similar attacks in Europe might well trigger a similar response.

So although it might be difficult to foresee the need for a contingency plan for the effects of volcanic dust, a contingency plan for the extended shutdown of airspace should have been prepared if such a disruption is critical for your organization.

15 April 2010

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