Hostage Negotiation

There's a very good podcast explaining the art of hostage negotiation available from the BBC. Listen to it if you can.

You’ve only got a few days to listen to this…

There’s a very interesting podcast currently available on the BBC website on hostage negotiation.

It’s called Thankyou For My Freedom, and is presented by former hostage John McCarthy, who was kidnapped and imprisoned by terrorists for over five years.

However, the podcast is not about John McCarthy’s kidnapping. It is about the skills of the hostage negotiator, with fascinating interviews with a variety of hostage negotiators.

The podcast will be at as part of the Radio 4 Choice series until about May 7th.

Don’t miss it. Hopefully you will never need the skill of dealing with kidnappers or extortionists, but if you ever do this will give you some idea of what is involved.

(There’s also a BBC iPlayer link, but that’s only good until 4th May.)
30 April 2010

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