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23 February, 2018

Business Impact Analysis (BIA) / Risk Assessment Training Seminar

Course Overview

A good business continuity plan (BCP) or disaster recovery plan (DRP) is based on a sound analysis of the risks that you as an organization face. If you fail to identify a threat or fail to analyze the impact of a disruption, you can neither manage the risk nor effectively plan for its potential consequences.

Our seminar/workshop is designed to give you practical method for identifying the threats your organization faces, to determine their impact, to prioritize those risks, and to generate the information you need to create a cost-effective business recovery strategy.

Unlike many seminars in this field, this isn't just a discussion of theories and ideas: you will practice the skills necessary to complete your analysis with an expert in the field.

What You Will Learn

In this three day seminar you will learn:


You will receive a free fully-licensed copy of the Risk Assessment Toolkit (a US$395 value) as well as a CD-ROM containing all your assignments, exercises, assessments and more. You will also receive a certificate of completion.

Length of Workshop

The workshop typically starts on a Thursday morning, and finishes on a Friday afternoon.


This is a participatory workshop, which means that you will be completing practical assignments. You will be asked to bring a laptop running Microsoft Windows 10, with Microsoft Office and Adobe Reader installed.

If you wish to work on your own company's Risk Assessment and Business Impact Analysis, you will need to bring an organization chart of the relevant parts of your company.

About the Instructor

Michael Z. Bell

Hi, I'm Mike Bell and I've been working in Business Continuity since 2002. I developed this program after working internationally for a number of years in various hi-tech companies, and enjoy passing on my knowledge and experience through seminars, workshops, and in-house training.

I look forward to meeting you in this class.

Registration Fees

The seminar / workshop costs US $1,495, with substantial discounts for early and group registrations.

How to Register

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