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24 November, 2014

Risk Assessment, Business Impact Analysis, and Business Continuity

Risk / BIA
BCP Software
The Risk Assessment Toolkit helps you quickly create and maintain your Business Impact Analysis and Risk Register. It also provides a wealth of additional information to help you allocate budgets or manage a disruption.
Plan424 Mobile
Emergency Plan

Make sure your staff know what to do in the vital minutes or hours immediately following an incident. Plan424 puts your emergency plan information where it's needed — on your employees' smartphones. Find out more about Plan424.

BCP / DRP Articles
& Resources
The Risky Thinking Newsletter is read by industry professionals worldwide interested in risk, business continuity, and disaster recovery. Our articles on risk and the Risky Thinking Blog provide additional insights and commentary. We also have a useful risk glossary and a selection of online tools.
Risk / BIA / BCP
We help companies and organizations develop, maintain, and test their business continuity plans. We pay close attention to your wants and needs, and work closely with you to tailor make your package.
Risk / BIA / BCP
Training & Seminars
We want to teach you what we know. Our intensive hands-on threat and risk assessment seminars will teach you how to efficiently conduct a risk assessment and business impact analysis. (Customized seminars are available on request).
Latest Risk and Business Continuity Articles
  • A Single Point of Failure in the Cloud

    Cloud services provide great opportunities for creating a reliable and redundant infrastructure. But is there still a single point of failure which can destroy everything you have created? One company found out the hard way... (Read More)

  • MH370 Disappearance: No Theories, Only Lessons Learned

    So far the exact fate of flight MH370 has not been determined. We can't learn anything from the crash yet, but we can learn something about crisis communications... (Read More)

  • 11 Business Continuity Mistakes IT Departments Make

    The IT department is frequently the most prepared part of an organization when it comes to business continuity. However, in examining business continuity plans, we find that there are some areas that IT departments often miss (Read More)

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