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Tools and Ideas for Risk Management and Business Continuity
26 November, 2015

Business Continuity Planning Tools

The following tools are currently available online:

BCP Value Calculator Just how much is a business continuity plan or program worth? This calculator can help you find out.

We also offer some software products:

Risk Assessment Toolkit The Risk Assessment Toolkit (RAT) helps you prepare the Risk Assessment and Business Impact Analysis which help you determine what to spend on which parts of your business continuity plan.
BCP / DRP Plan Preparation Software If you need to create a business continuity plan quickly, this tool makes a lot of sense. Created by Binomial International, it will help you create and maintain your business continuity / disaster recovery plan.
Pandemic Plan Preparation Software Does your business continuity plans address the risk of pandemics? Most don't. This software, created by Binomial International, will help you create and maintain your organization's pandemic plan.

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